Premio Goya 2016 al Mejor Cortometraje Documental

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“Sons of the Earth”

is the testimony of people connected to nature who open their hearts to convey to mankind the wisdom that holds Mother Earth. This documentary wants to serve as a means of transmission for this wise knowledge and aware the viewer what it means to be a Child of the Earth.

Materialism and stress to which we are subjected in our society today prevents us to go in search of consciousness, moving us away from nature. We live turning our backs to it without realizing that we are exploiting it voraciously. Our planet is a source of life and therefore requires preservation. Today more than ever, we must feel the cry of the Earth, which due to noise and haste, we almost never hear:

"We are it’s children, not it’s owners. The Earth is a living pharmacy that we must preserve. ".

This documentary invites you to take an initiatory journey to grow spiritually and connect with nature, leading the viewer to think profoundly about health and the preservation of the planet.